Shamrock Shuffle & Cycle


Challenge yourself to complete over 26.2 miles for the month of March during our Shamrock Shuffle & Cycle. Three plan levels are available at the marathon, 50mile and 100mile distances. Each plan is laid out for you, but you can walk, jog, run or cycle your miles any place and any time you wish as long as you cover at least 26.2 miles in the month.

Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced Training 

Pick up a Mileage Plan at the Pavilion Fitness front desk by March 1st. Initial after each workout and return to the front desk at completion to be entered into the Finishers raffle!

Sign Up Now

Registration is open to all! Sign up by March 1, 2021 online, visit Pavilion Fitness or call (847) 228-3494. The registration fee is $20.

 Included with Registration

  • Mileage plans
  • Fitness Cooling Towel
  • Four Workshop Opportunities
  • Dick Pond Discount Coupon
  • Entry into Finishers Raffle


All workshops will be held in the Pavilion Fitness GroupEx Studio

Core Fitness Training with Aileen Tischauser, Pavilion Fitness
Thu, March 4th - 5:15-6pm
Thu, March 18th - 5:15-6pm
Our core is defined as the center of our body, between the shoulders and hips. There are numerous muscles in this area! We will focus on having a stable core, not just doing crunches. We will balance out the entire body's strength by being able to stabilize it. We will work to create a stronger core to prevent injuries, build endurance and have better balance.

Recovery Clinic with Missy Bacik and Chris Wilhite, Dick Pond Athletics
Thu, March 11th - 5:15 - 6pm
Join Dick Pond Athletics for a recovery workshop and learn how to dedicate extra recovery time into your training. This workshop will teach you techniques and tools that will ensure proper recovery and get you back moving more quickly and effectively and stay healthy and injury-free along the way.

Need for Speed with Missy Bacik and Chris Wilhite, Dick Pond Athletics
Thu, March 25th - 5:15-6pm
Learn how to incorporate speed training into your training plan, safely and effectively! So many people neglect speed training in their workout plans due to fear of getting hurt. It does not have to be that way! You can do it safely, and we will go over how to do it along with some drills you can do at home to jump start those legs!

Workshop registration is open to Shamrock Shuffle and Cycle participants and is required to stay within capacity.